Practice Areas

We do specialize, but we very much value cases that force us to step outside our comfort zone and enhance our legal skills.

Corporate Law and M&A

From establishing your company to setting up just the right corporate structures
Long-term legal counselling for companies in all areas of their day-to-day business (Corporate Law, Contract Law, Labor Law, Data Protection etc.)
Due Diligence

Legal Counselling Regarding Issues with an International Element

Representing international clients who are entering the Czech market
Legal counselling for foreign clients who are doing business in the Czech Market
Representing clients while expanding their business abroad (including a set-up of a suitable model and location of such expansion)
Representing clients in business relations with foreign suppliers and customers (including the preparation of relevant documents – corporate, contractual etc.).


Insolvency administrator (Ostravská insolvenční v.o.s. –
Bankruptcy solutions
Filing for insolvency
Helping creditors with their insolvency claims

Civil Law

Contract Law
Labor Law
Debt collection
Warranties and Complaints

Real estate

Purchase, sale and donation of Real Estate
Lien / Mortgages
Ownership disputes
Lawyer deposity

Professional courses

Professional legal courses based on specific requirements, mostly covering topics such as Compliance, Labour Law issues and corporate structure

professional legal courses both in Czech and English language

Film Law

Legal Aspects Related to Film Production

Intellectual Property Rights in Audio-visual Works

Contractual Relations Concerning Film Financing

Contracts with Crew Members and Cast

Criminal and misdemeanour law

Criminal defence

Enforcement of claims of victims and injured parties in criminal proceedings

Legal ad for witnesses and persons giving explanations in criminal proceedings 

Representation in misdemeanour proceedings, including judicial review

Criminal Compliance and Due Diligence

Foreign and Immigration law

Comprehensive legal advice for foreigners

Short and long term visa applications

Temporary and permanent residence permits

Czech citizenship

Representation in administrative justice

Banking and Finance

Legal advice on financial transactions
Preparation of documentation for financing and hedging instruments and guarantees
Management of corporate and financial structures
Compliance and due diligence of financial transactions

Family Law

Arrangements for matrimonial property regimes
Child custody


Representation in litigation in all areas
Comprehensive services ranging from case analysis and strategy development to representing clients in court proceedings

IT and IP Law

Preparation and management of information technology contracts
Representing clients in cases of copyright infringement or trade secrets
Legal aspects of software licensing, internet trading
Personal data protection

Labour Law

Employment law documentation


We believe that we can provide the best legal services to our clients by taking the time to get to know their philosophy, goals, products and internal processes and therefore offer the best possible legal solution while also understanding the impact of each decision on the economic and personnel situation in the company. This is why we aim for long-term cooperation with our clients.

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Our team


JUDr. Michala Plachká, LL.M

Managing Partner

Attorney-at-law & Vice-Chairwoman of the Czech Bar Association

Corporate law and compliance

Mergers and acquisitions

Legal Counselling Regarding Issues with International Element


Mgr. Žaneta Prőll



IT and Software law

Housing Cooperatives and Associations of Unit Owners

Real Estate and Construction law

Návrhová plocha 2new

Mgr. Jana Ondrušová


Attorney-at-law & Insolvency Administrator

Insolvency and Restructuring

Banking and Finance

Corporate law and Compliance


Mgr. Lumír Swiech



Contractual relations

Corporate law

Corporate compliance

Návrhová plocha 8new

Mgr. Michal Fišara


Civil litigation agenda

Real Estate Law

Criminal law

Návrhová plocha 6new

Mgr. Vladimír Soukup

Attorney-at-law and Lecturer

Criminal Law

Administrative and Constitutional Law

Tax Law


Mgr. et Bc. Petra Zakaria


Immigration law

Sports law

Insolvency law

Návrhová plocha 5new

Mgr. Jaroslav Koblížek


Mergers and acquisitions

Business corporations


Sandra S1

Mgr. Sandra Sikorová


Labour law

Contract law


Zuzka to je ono!!

Mgr. Zuzana Pavelková


Labour law

Dispute agenda

Family law



JUDr. Jiří Jarolím

Legal Associate

Tax law

Criminal law

Corporate and Civil law


Sandra Rzehaczková

Legal Assistant

Legal Research

Insolvency administration

Coordinator of attorney’s depositories


Marek Šlachtovský


General civil law agenda

Corporate law

Intellectual property law


Anna Krupníková


Corporate law

Contract law

Legal research


Hana Slováková


Corporate law

Transactional law


Bc. Jakub Drmola

IT specialist
Administrative agenda

IT office support

Legal research - daňová a učetní kancelář

TaxCounting, s.r.o.

Our own tax and accounting office ensures that all our solutions are meaningful not only from a legal point of view, but also in a broader economic context.

For consumers

In accordance with Act. No. 634/19921 Coll., On Consumer Protection, as amended, we hereby inform the consumer that on February 5th 2016 the Czech Bar Association has been entrusted by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic with an out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes between the attorney and the consumer consequent on the legal service contracts (pursuant to Act No. 634/1992 Coll., On Consumer Protection, as amended). The website of the authorized entity is:


Personal data protection

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JUDr. Michala Plachká, LL.M


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Mgr. Žaneta Prőll


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