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Mgr. Vladimír Soukup

Attorney-at-law and Lecturer
  • Due to his professional focus and experience, Vladimír is the head of the criminal law team in our office. Vladimír also help our clients to deal with issues within the framework of administrative law, including related insolvency and tax issues, all at a high professional level.Vladimír worked as an intern and an independent consultant on the preparation and implementation of numerous projects in the field of telecommunications and energetics.

    In 2004, he successfully completed a master’s degree in Law and Legal Science at the Palacký University in Olomouc.

    He used and further broadened his acquired experience in advocacy. He gained his first legal experience for instance as an associate at Balcar, Polanský & Eversheds, attorneys at law. In 2010, Vladimír passed his bar exam and became an attorney specializing mostly in criminal and administrative law.

    In the years 2017 to 2020, Vladimír also gained experience in the public sector, where, as a lawyer in the Energy Regulatory Office, he gained valuable insight into administrative practice “from the other side”.

    Vladimír likes to complement his advocacy with lecturing activities. Vladimír teaches criminal and constitutional law at the university, and also uses his skills in lectures and trainings organized by our law firm.

    Vladimír is a welcome member of our team, to which he brought a little more dynamics, missing specializations and strengthened our gender balance a bit.